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Saginaw County Republican Party Endorses Doc Sherry For U.S. Senate

Date: Monday 24, 2024

Endorsements for the Michigan Republican Primary August 6, 2024


Today the Saginaw County Republican Party Executive Committee formally finalized our list of 2024 Republican candidates for the August 6, 2024 Primary Election. Criteria was met through their submission of their 2024 Republican Candidate Profile to the Committee who reviewed them and voted on each one with a passage of a 2/3 vote:

DOC SHERRY O’DONNELL – Michigan U.S. Senate

MARY DRAVES – 8th District U.S. Congress

KEVIN RATHBUN – MI House, 71st District

ROBERT ZELLE – MI House, 94th District



MICHAEL BUSUITO – Wayne State Bd of Governors

SAVAG VARTANIAN – U of M Board of Regents

MIKE BALOW – MSU Bd of Trustees

NIKKI SNYDER – MI Board of Education

JOHN KACZYNSKI – Saginaw County Commissioner Dist 7

NATE LIST – Saginaw County Thomas Twp Trustee

KEN BIGELOW – Saginaw County Lakefield Twp Trustee

JEANIE HERRICK – Saginaw County Birch Run Twp Trustee

ALAN WAZNY – Saginaw County Saginaw Twp Supervisor

DEAN RUSCH – Saginaw County Thomas Twp Parks Commissioner


- Gary Ell, Chairman  


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Dr. Sherry O'Donnell will protect your medical freedoms, Constitutional rights, parental rights, and your wallet.  Let her know that you want her to be our next U.S. Senator by making a donation today.

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