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O’Donnell Says Voters Needs Answers

O’Donnell Criticizes Rogers for Not Debating

Saint Joseph, MI – Today, Dr. Sherry O’Donnell, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, criticized Florida resident Mike Rogers for chickening out of another debate.  According to Wood TV, Rogers has refused to participate in televised debate. 

“Voters deserve better than 30-second sound bites.  They need honest answers to the many serious challenges facing our nation.  With Rogers refusing every debate, you must wonder what he is hiding.  Why won’t he discuss his positions on the issues?” asked O’Donnell.  

“Just because a recycled politician moves back to Michigan and puts his name on the ballot doesn’t entitle him to be the GOP nominee.  Issues matter.  I strongly believe that the voters should be educated on our differences,” said O’Donnell.  “It appears that my opponent’s failure to show up to any forums so far in this race is an indication that he is afraid to answer questions.”

Here are the questions O’Donnell believes he is afraid to answer:

  • How much did you earn from CNN?

  • Why did you move to Florida?

  • What’s your plan to fix the border?

  • Do you support Trump’s deportation plan?

  • How will you stop Biden inflation?

  • Do you support Ukraine funding?

  • Why haven’t you signed the No New Taxes pledge?

  • Why haven’t you signed the Term Limits pledge?

  • How will you balance the budget?

  • Do you support a balanced budget amendment?

  • Do you support Senators having to put their money in a blind trust?

  • Would you have voted to impeach Mayorkas?

  • How can you defeat Elissa Slotkin?

  • Will you vote to raise the debt ceiling?

“If Rogers is not willing to debate in this Primary, then he will not prepared to defeat Elissa Slotkin,” said O’Donnell.  “The 2024 elections are a fight for the heart and soul of our nation.  We must be aggressive in educating voters.  That’s why debates are so crucial.  Voters should consider who is willing to answer questions when voting in this Primary.”


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