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O’Donnell's Israel Statement

Dr. Sherry O’Donnell proudly values the critical alliance between Israel and the United States. As our next Senator from Michigan, she will work to strengthen the relationship between the only democracy and supporter of human rights in the region, Israel, and our nation.

Israel is our strongest ally in the Middle East. Our two nations share a long history of being united in principles and goals of freedom, pluralism, open society and protection of basic rights. Jewish soldiers in pre-State Israel fought alongside the Allies in World War II, while Arabs sided with the Nazis. Israel was also a strong U.S. ally in the days of the Cold War against the Soviets. Now we are united in our fight against radical Islamic terrorism.

Israel is alone among nations in the Middle East in guaranteeing equal rights to all citizens and shares our values in religious freedoms. In contrast, most of the nations in the Middle East oppress their own people and stifle religious freedom. The Palestinians regularly use their children and hospitals as shields to protect their terrorists who are attacking Israeli civilians.

Unfortunately, there are some who suggests that the United States support of Israel earns our nation the wrath of radical Islamists. They fail to comprehend that radical Islam seeks the death and conversion of all non-believers, including those of different sects of their own faith. Violence is perpetrated by jihadists against other Muslims, Christian and Jews throughout the world.

Iran, which sponsors terrorism, is working to develop nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them to the homes of our allies throughout the region and remains a national threat to both the U.S. and Israel. Its behavior will continue to destabilize the region even more.

Israel is the only nation in the world that must justify its right to exist and right to defend itself. A lasting peace in the region can only be achieved when Israel’s neighbors recognize its right to exist and have secure borders.

No solution can be forced upon Israel. A hope for a two-state solution will only happen when the Palestinian Authority recognizes the State of Israel. Furthermore, the Palestinian’s culture of terror toward Israel must be addressed for peace to be possible. For years the Palestinians believed they had nothing to lose, so they obstructed any peace efforts.

As democracies, our two nations are beacons of hope to those who suffer under dictatorships all over the world and especially in the Middle East. Our nation’s relationship with Israel must be valued and protected.

As our next Senator, Dr. Sherry O’Donnell:

  • Is opposed to the Iran nuclear deal and believe that Iran has violated the 2015 deal. Hence, sanctions should be imposed on Iran.

  • Will support Israel’s right to defend itself.

  • Understands the great need for our two nations to work cooperatively in fighting radical Islamic terrorism.

  • Supports the security barrier erected by Israel which has proven to be successful in protecting Israel’s civilians against waves of deadly terrorist attacks.

Dr. O’Donnell supports a two-state solution that:

  • Is premised on security for Israel;

  • Is not imposed by outside parties;

  • Recognizes that a strict return to the 1967 borders is unrealistic; and

  • Requires the Palestinians to abide by agreements.


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